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Richard Bournes
05/06/01 07:37am

1. This command will produce a graph with the axes appropriately labelled ''x'' and ''y'':

a=FilledPlot [x, {x, 0,2 }, PlotRange \[Rule]{{0,2.3}, {0,2.3}},
Fills \[Rule]{GrayLevel[0.8]},AxesLabel\[Rule]{''x'',''y''}]

2. This command combines the plot as above, with some lines of the form:
Dashing[{0.03, 0.03}],
Line[{{0,2},{2,2},{2,2}, {2,0}}]}] ]

some points of the form:
c=Show[Graphics[Point [{0,0}], Prolog \[Rule] AbsolutePointSize[8]]]

and some text of the form, which INCLUDES as part of the text some opening and closing parentheses, added:

f = Show[Graphics[
Text[StyleForm[''(0,0)'',FontFamily->''Arrus BT'',FontSize \[Rule]14,
FontWeight \[Rule] ''Bold''], {-0.2,0.1}]]]

i= Show [{c,d, e,b, a,f,g,h}, Axes -> True,Ticks->True,
AxesFront->True, AxesStyle-> Thickness[0.008]]

BUT the axes labels no longer appear

3. If I change ticks->False, the right hand side (which is actually a parenthesis) of the text item is not displayed, nor is the left hand side of the text item (which is also a parenthesis). In both cases, the right and left sides of the bounding box displays hard up against the text item. Changing the plot range and adjusting the co-ordinate position of the ''offending'' text to give more room, does not fix the problem.

* axis labels still do not appear

Any suggestions?

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