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05/07/01 10:31pm

Say you have a list of points
{{x1,y1},{x2,y2},{x3,y3}, . . ., {xn,yn}}.

If I want to plot this list of points with the following:

ListPlot[{{x1,Log[2,y1]},{x2,Log[2,y2], . . ., {xn,Log[2,yn]}}, Ticks->{Automatic,{{0,1},{1,2},{2,4},{3,8},{4,16},{5,32},{6,64},{7,128},{8,256}}}],

how do I get Mathematica to pull the x & y values into the formula for me rather than me typing the points into the formula manually. I know that if you want to plot a list of points ''t'', then you can just ListPlot[t], but I'm not sure how to plot that list when you add the Log[2,y] part.

Thanks for the help...


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