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Felipe S. Salinas
05/15/01 09:45am


I'm trying to calculate evergy levels in a laser system. In order to get a good fit for these levels, I have to arrange the known energies which we have measured in such a way that there is a minimum deviation between my measurements.

To obtain all of the combinations possible, I used the ''Permutations'' command. Here my problem:

In order to see if the combination of numbers I have used has a low standard deviation, I need to each particular value obtained from the ''Permutations'' command into a series of ''If'' statements. Thus, when my desired std. dev. occurs, I will know the exact combination of numbers that its at.

Is there a way to call out each value obtained through the ''Permutations'' command sequentially (possibly in a ''Do'' loop), so that I could see which combinations work and which ones do not?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and duly noted. Thanks!


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