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05/17/01 9:59pm

Hi Experts,

I work up about 25000 datas of one surface. To show these datas {x,y,z} I use a package of the following book:
''Mathematica Graphics: Techniques and Applications''
   TELOS/Springer-Verlag Publishers, 1994
   ISBN 0-387-94047-2

To load this package...


and to show the Surfaceplot...

xyAsti is a List of Datas of this kind:


To show this Graphic the computer needs a long time.

My question:
Is there any wah to speed up this kind of plot or to speed up generally ListPlot3D? With what precision does Mathematics 4.0 calculates thes Plots? Can I reduce this precision in any way? To reduce the datas make me loos informations about the surface!!!
Probably anybody can give me advice!?

Thank you,


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