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04/23/13 08:03am

I use Solve[] in Mathematica to solve this:
{4a+6b+6c==3 && 5d+2e+9f==14 && 2d+13g+5h==11 && 7b+4d+2g==19 && 5c+2d+7i==23 && 8i+4j+11k==21 && 2l+3m+4n==-2 && 4l+7o+9p==29 && 11j+4m+2o==9 && 3e+2n+4q==13 && 6d+21o+9s=21 && 2q+7r+8s==32 && 5t+3u+7v==1 && 3t+8w+2x==23 && 4r+2o+7u==13 && 2d+5j+8x==23 && 2a+8r+3w==22}

This is the systems with 24 unknowns and 17 equations. After I input this to Mathematica, it go Output[1]={}.
I need to solve this system of equations in terms of any 7 variable in the system. Is there any function in Mathematica can solve this?
Thanks in advance.

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