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04/25/13 02:36am

We have the variables a,b,c.

Let c=a*b.

What I want are 3 slider, one for each variable (a,b,c). If I change a by moving the slider, b and/or c should also change automatically since c=a*b.

In my example c changes if a or b are manipulated, but it does not the work other way (manipulate c and a/b change).

Any suggestions?

my example:

Plot[x^a + b, {x, 0, 10}, PlotRange -> {{0, 10}, {0, 10}}],
c = a*b
{{a, 0.9, "a"}, 0, 5, Slider, Appearance -> "Labeled"},
{{b, 1.5, "b"}, 0, 10, Slider, Appearance -> "Labeled"},
{{c, 0, "c"}, 0, 50, Slider, Appearance -> "Labeled"}

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interdependent controls Sebastian 04/25/13 02:36am
Re: interdependent controls jf 04/25/13 2:05pm
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