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Mary A. Marion
06/29/01 9:07pm

The package TrigonometricSimplification.m does not appear to work properly. I basically load the package, evaluate it using the kernel and then add the following. Help please, I am not getting the expectee output.

Sin[a] Cos[b] + Sin[a] COs[a] + Cos[2a] Cos[3a]/.TrigLinearRules

From In[48]:=
ReplaceAll::reps: {TrigLinearRules} is neither a list of replacement rules \
nor a valid dispatch table, and so cannot be used for replacing.

COs[a] Sin[a]+Cos[b] Sin[a]+
Cos[2 a] Cos[3 a]/.\[InvisibleSpace]TrigLinearRules

Thanks. Sincerely, Mary A. Marion

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