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randy silvers
07/05/01 3:43pm

I have a list plot of 1000 data points that I would like to display on one graph. When I enter the command to ListPlot[data,PlotJoined->True], and the other options, the plot is always too scrunched to be legible.

The x-values are the series 1,2,3,4,5,6, ... and the y-values are either 1 or 2.

Is there a way to make the graph larger? I have tried adjusting the plot range (does not help), and the aspect ratio (does not help).

I know that for legend, there is a command for the actual legend size. I would think that there would be some similar command for plots, or a way to control one dimension and then the aspect ratio to make the graph appear legible?

Finally, is there a way to rotate the display of the graph, as in a landscape view?


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