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Bruno Miguel
04/29/13 11:34am

I have two "functions":
f1- T=(3*P/4)*(Lm^2/Lr)*ids*iqs
f2- (Rs*ids-we*M*iqs)^2+(Rs*iqs+we*Ls*ids)^2==Umax^2

The first one represent the equation of the torque produced by a motor and the second represent the restriction applied to the motor by the limit voltage that I can supply to the motor. Where Rs, Lm, Lr, Ls, M and P are parameters of the motor, we is the velocity, Umax is the voltage, ids and iqs are the components in dq-axis of the stator current.
I need to obtain the expressions that express ids and iqs in term of the incognitos that I have that correspond to the intersection of the two functions, but in the expressions I mustn’t have the incognitos Lm, Lr, P because I need also to maximize the T(torque) produced, so I canīt use the Solve[f1=f2, ids].

If someone can help me I appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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