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Robert Hoy
07/30/01 02:19am

I am trying to numerically solve a system of 3
coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations.
I am reasonably sure that the only singularity in the system is for one variable at t= +infinity.
I have also checked carefully for nonnumeric quantities in the equations and can't find any.
t is the independent variable. When I try to solve the system I get

NDSolve::ndnum : Encountered non-numerical value for a derivative at t = 1.8066...`*^38.

This message occurs _regardless_ of the initial conditions I enter. I assume this means there's some problem at t = 1.8066*10^38. I only want to solve the equations for 0 < t < 100, so I don't need Mathematica to evaluate the equations for t >> 100. How can I get around this?

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unwanted evaluation at very large T Robert Hoy 07/30/01 02:19am
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