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Mike Kordosky
05/20/97 6:13pm

I am having trouble in defining the del operator to perform as one
would expect in vector calculus. I can define ''del'' g[x] := Grad[g[x]]
without any problems. However, when I try to define the divergence
as : ''del''''.'' g := Div[g] I run into problems. (Something to the
effect of ''incomplete expression'') I assume that the difficulty
is that mathematica assumes that ''del'' is the gradient operator,
even when I type it right next to the ''.'' operator. In otherwords,
mathematica does not consider ''del''''.'' as a new operator. The
same thing happens with the curl and the laplacian. I assume that
mathematica is capable of doing what I want (since I generally assume
that mathematica is capable of anything until proven otherwise!),
but I'm kind of at wits end here...

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