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Stefan M
08/30/01 08:30am

(excuse my broken english, please)
I tried a lot, but didn't found a solution, searching through the online-help, for this small problem:
I want to fold functions, using integration.

E.g. a function to fold:

rect[t_] := UnitStep[t + 0.5] - UnitStep[t - 0.5];

Here the integral:

Fold[t] = Integrate[rect[tau]*rect[t-tau],t]

And then I would like to plot Fold[t], but nothing works. I tried to define the functions with "_" and without, with ":" and "without", infinite and not-indinite integrals ... . I don't get a plot. It seems to me, that the variable in the integral makes the problem and perhaps the UnitStep-function.

Thank you for any help.
Stefan M

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