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Hazem El-Zafarani
05/26/97 10:57am

Dear.. I am looking for a way that i can solve 2nd order intial value
problem by using Runge-Kutta method. by using Mathematica NDsolve
give that 1/0 encountering. So I trying to solve it by applying Runge-Kutta
I Found a problem with the variables Y[t] and Y'[t] are listed together
since the value of y1 is depending on y'1 and y'1 depnding on y1 and
so on for all y nad y' , so how Can I let the programe solve first
eqn of y and then subistitute its value in y' and then subistitute
again y2 and then in y'2 and so on untile some n points.

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