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05/13/13 12:14pm

I have been trying to solve this problem to no avail. When I type it in and select run package, the package just sits there. Once I left for one hour and came back and still got nothing. So this is the equation . . .

Solve[Integrate[2\[Pi]*(100/x)*(Sqrt[1+10000/(x^4)]),{x,1,b}]==2618.17*Integrate[\[Pi] (100/x)^2,{x,1,b}],b]

The logic seems correct but I don't understand why this is not working and what my options are for solving this problem.

The problem is Gabriel's Horn but with 100/x instead.

Assume that 1 gallon of paint will cover 350 square feet of surface area. Find the length of the horn, from left to right, such that the volume of the paint inside of the horn exactly covers the representative surface area. After finding and stating the exact distance, state your final answer in feet and inches rounded to the nearest sixteenth of an inch.

My Ti-89 plat is giving me very strange answers as well.

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