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James F. Platt
10/13/01 4:09pm

I'm using the Plot3D function, and am trying to figure out how to rotate the 3D graph. The documentation leads me to believe that I need to use RealTime3D, but when I try that I get this "Get::"noopen": "Cannot open "RealTime3D"" error message. My input follows below, in case someone can point out any mistakes I've made. Any suggestions for how I can rotate a 3D graph in Mathematic 4.1 Student Version to view it from different angles?

Clear[x, y]
<< RealTime3D'
Plot3D[z = x - y, {x, -4, 4}, {y, -4, 4}]

Thanks for any help!

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"Cannot open RealTime3D" error message? James F. Platt 10/13/01 4:09pm
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