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10/17/01 09:27am

Yes, I've succesfully derived a quite long
equation in Mathematica and now I want to insert
it into a C++ program. But, I cannot figure out
how to convert the Mathematica-form into standard
C. For example, I want sin(x) instead of Sin[x].
All types of copy/paste into an external editor
brings all special mathematicacode with it. And
my equation happen to be 2! pages long, so it is
extremely exausting to manually convert it.

I've attached the equtions I wanted to convert.


Per Viberg

S3/Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm,Sweden.

Attachment: long_equation.nb, URL: ,

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convert equation to C/C++ Per 10/17/01 09:27am
Re: convert equation to C/C++ John Leko 10/22/01 11:19am
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