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Madhusudan Singh
10/25/01 11:17pm

I am running a complicated Mathematica evaluation (using a triple integral
with MonteCarlo method).

Over a certain range of parameters, I get the following error :

CompiledFunction::"cfse": "Compiled expression \
\!\(9.99731411906913039461584602477`12.7718*^-679\) should be a \
\!\(\"machine-size real number\"\)."
CompiledFunction::"cfex": "External evaluation error at instruction
\!\(6\); \
proceeding with uncompiled evaluation."4

Neglect the \'s above.

This occurs only in a certain range of parameters. Could someone suggest
what this error means ?
I have no Compile directives anywhere. I do have some Interpolations

Sorry for the slightly vague statement. Please ask me more questions if you need to.

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