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10/28/01 9:19pm

The Help Browser article on Transposes gives a list similar to yours:

In[54]:= mm=Table[100i+10j+k,{i,2},{j,3}, {k,4}]

and goes on to state:

Under Transpose[mm,{3, 1, 2}] the entry at {i, j, k} goes to {j, k, i}.

With your example:

In[36]:= X=Array[x,{2,3,4}]

And your Transpose of X:

In[47]:= XT=Transpose[X,{3,1,2}]

It seems that Transpose is working as advertised in the documentation:

In[51]:= Table[X[[i,j,k]]==XT[[j,k,i]], {i, 1, 2},{j, 1, 3}, {k, 1, 4}]

If you have a case for Transpose behaving differently or if I have misunderstood
your post, please post again.

Forum Moderator

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