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Randy Silvers
11/06/01 02:33am

I'm trying to use Solve to obtain an explicit solution to the following system of equations, but I get the warnings:

"Inverse function: ifun: inverse functions are being used values may be lost for multivalued inverses," three times, followed by a "General::stop:Further ouptut of Inverse function: ifun will be suppressed during this calculation."

The final warning/comment states: "solvex:tdep:The equations appear to involve the variables to be solved for in an essentially non-algebraic way." Mathematica simply returns the Solve command written in Mathematica's format.

The Solve command is:

Solve[{Exp[-a w] - .5w^(-.5)==0, a Exp[-a w] - .25 w^(-1.5)==0,{a, w}]


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Solve with inverse functions Randy Silvers 11/06/01 02:33am
Re: Solve with inverse functions Henry Lamb 11/09/01 03:15am
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