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05/20/13 11:57pm

Hello all

I have a question in using chain rule in "Derivative" function

I assume "u" to be any function of a single variable, say x;
I know that writing "f = Derivative[1][u]" is well-defined and I can simply call "f[x]" to get u'[x]

However, writing "f = Derivative[1][u^2]" seems incorrect, and "f[x]" results in (u^2)'[x], while I need 2 u[x] u'[x]

I will be thankful if someone can help me define a function such as "f = Derivative[1][u^2]", which results in "2uu'" instead of (u^2)'

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Chain Rule Hadi 05/20/13 11:57pm
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