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RJ Erwin
11/19/01 11:41pm

I guess this is pretty simplistic, but I've just started using Mathematica and I'll be darned if I can figure this out . . .

i'm trying to evaluate two coupled iterated map functions:





(where a = constant), and then store the output, over, say, 1000 iterations, in a list. This is really easy to do with Excel, and I was originally hoping to import that data into Mathematica, but I can't come up with any way to do that either. Anyway, how should the functions be defined so that I can do this?

When importing stuff (data on separate lines in a text file), I tried to say:

ReadList["alpha.txt", Number, RecordLists -> True]

and also the Import version, but I kept getting a message saying the file couldn't be found. What's wrong? Thanks.

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