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Bill Simpson
05/23/13 12:02pm

You have been what I call "desktop published" again. That is where the use of fonts and character sets gets you into trouble and prevents you from getting a correct result.

Look really REALLY closely at these two lines.



After you stare at that long enough, which took me 15 minutes of tracing and diagnostics and adding Print and finding a Null in the middle of the calculation and trying to figure out what was responsible for that and ... I finally see that is not ^. Make those two into ^ and your problem goes away.

You are also using Gamma, which is defined to be the name of a function in Mathematica, just like Sqrt or +, as a variable. That is another example of "desktop publishing." Changing that to something else and not using predefined names as your own variable names will be a very good idea and hopefully keep you out of some trouble in the future.

In general using user variables that begin with upper case letters is a bad idea and will tend to lead to more conflicts and errors.

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