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Oleg Urminsky
01/30/02 10:17pm

I'm using FindMinimum in the form:
FindMimimum[f,{x,{x1,x2}}] because f does not have symbolic derivatives.
Mathematic returns answers in the form:
{minimumf, {{0,.01,.1,.5,.9,.99}-> minimizingx}}
Where minimumf and minimizingx are the actual values.

My question is, how can I extract minimizingx as a value for future calculations. I figured out how to extract minimumf, as the first element in the list. But the second element in the list is the entire "rule", and I can't find a way to just get at the value of x that minimizes the fundtion.

Thank you!!

- Oleg

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Extracting values from FindMinimum output Oleg Urminsky 01/30/02 10:17pm
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