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06/05/13 07:05am


is there any solution to solve the following equation:

(1/(2*Sqrt[799445691053]))*((-5893786*I*Sqrt[3] -
2*Sqrt[799445691053] +
E^((5/6)*(40779 + I*Sqrt[2398337073159])*t) + (-13593*I*
Sqrt[3] + Sqrt[799445691053])*Parameter +
E^(5*I*Sqrt[799445691053/3]*t)*(5893786*I*Sqrt[3] -
2*Sqrt[799445691053] + (13593*I*Sqrt[3] + Sqrt[799445691053])*
E^((5/6)*(40779 + I*Sqrt[2398337073159])*t)) == 0

It is the result of a differential equation of a physical system, so the result should be real (sinusoidal oscillation with two damping factors). I tried to replace all variables with numbers, that it become easier to solve. There is only one prameter and the time left.

Reduce[%, t]; says This system cannot be solved with the methods available to Reduce.
NSolve /NReduce is not possible because of the parameter.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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