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M. Rex
06/06/13 09:50am

Hi all,

When I go to this Mathematica documentation page (F1 + search "CUDALink/ref/CUDAFunctionLoad"), my first 2 cells run with no errors (they are



code = "
__global__ void addTwo(mint * in, mint * out, mint length) {
   int index = threadIdx.x + blockIdx.x*blockDim.x;
   if (index < length)
      out[index] = in[index] + 2;

) but the third cell (which is
cudaFun =
"addTwo", {{_Integer, _, "Input"}, {_Integer, _,
"Output"}, _Integer}, 256]

) gives the following error message:
CUDAFunctionLoad::target: Target system specification "TargetSystemID" -> Windows-x86-64 is not available for NVIDIA CUDA Compiler installation C:\Users\Michael Reca\AppData\Roaming\Mathematica\Paclets\Repository\CUDAResources-Win64-\CUDAToolkit\bin\. >>

To some degree, CUDALink is working for me, because CUDADot[{1, 1}, {1, 0.5}] outputs 1.5. The error message leads me to believe that my installation of Mathematica is missing a line from the CUDA compiler, but re-installing Mathematica hasn't worked.

Any ideas on what's going wrong and/or how to fix it?


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