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david silverman
02/19/02 05:15am

I'm using mathematica 4.1.1 on a pentiumIII 650 with 128M memory. I wrote a notebook to do stepwise regression, which is attached.

The last block of code is just a bunch of For loops that redo the stepwise regression with a different set of data. All variable names are reused and reset before starting. Very little info about the previous run is saved. Each dataset loaded is about 3650 lines long of about 60 numbers.

It starts working OK, but after it has finished about 15 or so datasets, it starts heavily using the swap space and the process slows to a crawl (it takes about 1 1/2 hours to do the first 15 and an hour to number 16). The data is all of the same size from run to run, just different numbers. It does the same thing even if I rearrange the order that it goes through the different datasets, so it isn't something funny with the later datasets.

What causes this and is there something that I can do about it?


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