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06/11/13 11:38am

I would like to make a function of three parameters $i$, $j$ and $k$ that displays a list of integers fulfilling some criteria. Specifically the set of integers is

zeta_{ijk} = {p element in {2j+2,2j+3,...,2k+2} so that p=2i+1 or p <= i+j or p>=i+k+3 }.

for k=0,1,... j=0,1,...,k and i=j,j+1,...,k+1.
To clarify, some examples are:

zeta_{000} = zeta_{100} = empty set

zeta_{001}={4}, zeta_{101}={3}, zeta_{201}={2}

zeta_{111} = zeta_{211} = empty set

zeta_{002}={5,6}, zeta_{102}={3,6},
zeta_{202}={2,5}, zeta_{302}={2,3}

And so on. I have problems implementing the logical constrictions in e.g. the Table-function, inside my user-defined function. Any ideas?

PS: I posted the same question on the following page, where I managed to format it a bit better, but there was no reply:

URL: ,
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