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Frank Crooks
03/04/02 3:39pm


I need to plot a single function that will output three traces on a single plot. My assignment is to plot a Vce vs Ic transfer characteristic for an NPN bipolar junction transistor. Yes, this is an assignment but it is a "no-brainer", all I need to know is what plot function to use that will accept two input variables with one of the variables at three distinct points, while the other is a range of values. I'm assuming this is beyond the basic Plot[] function.

The function i'll be plotting is:


This is a collector-emitter voltage vs collector current plot where I need the Ic current the traces at three different base-emitter voltages.

Vce will run from 0 to 15vdc, with three traces at Vbe at 0.65, 0.70, 0.75 respectively.

The assignment was to be perfomed using MatLab, however we can use any software package we have access to. So if this is possible can you please explain how to do it or where in the mathematica book (which I have) it is explained.

Thank you,
Frank Crooks

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