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06/15/13 06:06am


I'm currently working on my project where I describe and analyze various centrality (actor perspective) and *clique (group perspective) measures. On my work I've planned to make one graph - ethalon, to which those centrality measures (betweeness, closeness, degree, eigenvector)
would be applied. And the most important, I want
it to be easily seen how those measures differ, that's why I want to use the same graph.
Question I need help from you, guys:
Can I and if yes then how, apply heat map style to a graph considering calculated coeficients of on of those measures for each vertex. So example:
1) Calculate betweeness centrality for every node on the specific graph.
2) Apply heat map to the graph considering the betweeness centrality values calculated.
So if range varies from 0 to 1, then those closer to 0 would be blue and those tending to 1 would be red.

Thank you in advance!


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