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Randy Silvers
03/18/02 2:39pm

I am solving systems of equations. Solve provides a solution for each variable in terms of the parameters, for each system.

The size of the system and the format of the equations depend upon two other parameters, p and q.

Within each system, the denominator of the solution is the same for each variable, but these denominators differ from one system to the next.

I would like to know if it is possible for Mathematica to determine an equation or discern a pattern in the denominator in terms of p and q.

For example:

for p=2, q=3 the denominator is:
a^3 - 2abd + cd^2

for p=3 and q = 2 the denominator is:
ac - b^2

for p=3 and q=3 the denominator is:
b^3 + c^2d +a^2e - b(2ac+de)


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