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06/15/13 11:23am

I am working on processing a video frame by frame to obtain some data. When I was working on Mac I could compress and crop the videos I am working with and importing directly to Mathematica. However, now I am using a more powerful computer, but which runs on Ubuntu. Therefore I am forced to use the uncompressed avi files (each about 12 Gb) for the videos. The problem is that when I get the frame count using Import I get 4k frames, but when I try to import a frame with large index, say 1000, Mathematica gives the following error

Import::noframe: Could not read frame {1000}, video consists of {1000} frames. >>

I could not find any information about this error searching the web and other forums, so any clue as to why it happens will be appreciated.

I am guessing that what Mathematica is doing when importing is going sequentially through the video file until it reaches the frame I requested, which would explain why there is a problem, even if the computer I am using has 12 Gb of RAM. Since I am using some Transforms and EdgeDetect, I would like to see the results on the screen, so I am wondering if there is a way around this avoiding the use of ImageFileFilter and ImageFileApply, which I believe can be used for out-of-core processing.

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