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10/08/12 09:02am

Hello there,

Does anyone know why FullSimplify can't simplify Abs[1] and Abs[-4] in the following nested expression?


This is what I get:

If[Log[S[3 x]]==0,Log[x 4+If[x==0,-(9/2),x]+(x+10/7)],P[Abs[1],Abs[-4]] P[x,Exp[-(5/4)]]]

Instead I would expect the following result:

If[Log[S[3 x]]==0,Log[x 4+If[x==0,-(9/2),x]+(x+10/7)],P[1,4] P[x,Exp[-(5/4)]]]

Here S[_] and P[_,_] are my user-defined functions, but here they are only symbolic: I didn't defined them here before the simplification.

I also noticed that it works when the condition expression of the If instruction is without my user-defined function S. Do You know why?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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