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04/15/02 03:52am

I am using Mathematica version 4.0 on windows ME (student version).

I am trying to construct a table of output from solving equations. My solutions include numbers like 0.00474113, and 0.40398.

I would like each place in the table to include only 5 digits (e.g. 0.XXXX). I tried using "NumberForm[%,4]". This however does the following:

Makes 0.00474113 ---> 0.0004872
(I guess it ignores the 0's)
Makes 0.40398 ---> 0.404
(when it rounds up it doesn't leave the 0)

Is there any way to make the numbers all be exactly the same length (including if there are negatives)?


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TableForm MS 04/15/02 03:52am
Re: TableForm Henry Lamb 04/18/02 11:51pm
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