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Tahir Sheikh
04/22/02 2:03pm


I have just recieved Mathematica Link for Excel and am facing the problem in starting the link to math kernel from within Excel.

Specifically, when I get the message "link failed to open" when I click Launch button in the 'Start Mathematica Link' dialog box. I have tried using Multilink too so that I am able to access the kernel from Mathematica and
Excel simultaneously but I still get the same message.

I am currently using Mathematica 4.0 and Excel 2002 (Excel XP). The programs, Mathematica and Excel, otherwise appear to work fine. I am using Windows XP home edition on Dell 8100 laptop. I have used the Mathematica Link for MS Excel for Excel 2000 in my installation as there were no specific files for Excel 2002. Given that I was able to successfully add the menus within excel
I think the addin should work fine but it does not?

All help would be sincerely appreciated.


Tahir Sheikh.

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