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Joel D
10/08/12 8:06pm

Hello All,

I am looking for some help with a Poisson Solver I am writing in Mathematica. The code is quite long with Arrays plugged in, so I posted the full details can be found at

I am calculating voltages given charge densities using the central difference method derived from Poisson's Eqn. After calculating the voltage, I test the data set for convergence. I am setting convergence thresholds on the order of 10^-1000+. I have the loop set up to kick out after 10000 iterations incase something goes awry, as a fail safe. I have a loop counter in place for sanity. The program seems to run fine as long as the convergence threshold is set to 10^-100.

My question is this: No matter what I update the threshold too, ex, 10^-1000, 10^-10000, the computation stops after 633 iterations and kicks out of the loop. I would appreciate any help with this, I am completely stuck. Again, I know this description is limited, so please see the attached url
for the full program.

Thank you in advance



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