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Sinval Santos
05/06/02 08:50am

To integrate Sqrt[y-k*x^2] , in relation to x

First: to substitute k after the integration

Out[1]=(1/4)*(2*x*Sqrt[-2*x^2+y]+I*Sqrt[2]*y*Log[2*(-I*Sqrt[2]*x+ Sqrt[-2*x^2+y])])

Out[2]=4.39644+15.4928*I (Complex)

Second: to substitute k before the integration

Out[1]=w2=(1/4)*(2*x*Sqrt[-2*x^2+y]+Sqrt[2]*y*ArcTan[(Sqrt[2]*x)/ Sqrt[-2*x^2+y]])

Out[2]=4.39644 (Real)

Because different results ?
How to avoid this, in symbolic calculation ?

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Integration Sinval Santos 05/06/02 08:50am
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