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Rob Gross
05/15/02 11:02am

I have two independent questions. The first quesiton is how do I use multiple PlotStyle options in ListPlot? For instance I would like to make the points larger and a different color in a ListPlot, so I put PlotStyle->{{RGBColor[0,0,1]},PointSize[.018]}} as my options, but it only changes the pointsize but leaves the color black. If I only use RGBColor without PointSize, it changes the color.

The second question invovles eps exports. In one of my graphs I have a parenthesis in a label in my graph (for the units), and when I use the Export["*.eps",graphname] function the graph that is exported converts the "(" parenthesis to an H, and the ")" parenthesis to an L. I thought it might be because I need that font in my ps viewer, but I also tried to print the graph to a file with a ps driver, and that worked (the parenthesis were there), but my bounding box was too big, and it doesn't fit in my latex document. It would be nice if the Export function worked perfectly, because it's easier to use and the bounding box is perfect. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I am using Mathematica 4.0 for students, with Ghostscript Viewer 4.0 as my ps viewer.

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