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07/12/13 12:28pm

I'm trying to plot a 3D vector field from a file, using ListVectorPlot3D, but not working.

te = Import["C:\\Users\\oliver\\Documents\\campo.txt", "Table",
"IgnoreEmptyLines" -> True];

x = te[[All, 1]];
y = te[[All, 2]];
z = te[[All, 3]];
ux = te[[All, 4]];
vy = te[[All, 5]];
wz = te[[All, 6]];
punto = Transpose[{x, y, z}];
vel = Transpose[{ux, vy, wz}];
ListVectorPlot3D[Transpose[{punto, vel}], PlotRange -> Full,
VectorPoints -> All]

What i'm doing wrong?
thanks a lot.

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