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Peter Sozanski d'Alancaisez
06/11/02 09:10am

Can a graph's edge, as used in DiscreteMath`Combinatorica` have a weight?

I have to visualise connections on a graph, but not all edges have the same meaning, i.e. some ties are stronger than others (as well as being directional, which I can deal with).
I have all the data in the standard Graph[] form. I would like to be able to use different line thinckness.
Is there any way to convince ShowGraph[] to take this into account? Or any other package? I would like to avoid drawing lines using Arrow or alike, because my graphs get pretty large and confusing.

Many thanks.

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Edge weight in graph display Peter Sozans... 06/11/02 09:10am
Re: Edge weight in graph display Henry Lamb 06/12/02 04:55am
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