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07/13/13 3:52pm

Below I have a program written in a language called True Basic. Is there a way that I can write or this program in Mathematica, or does Mathematica have the ability to translate this language?

! magnetic field from a straight wire
option nolet
library "sgfunc.trc"
library "sglib.trc"
dim r(0),field(0)
lstart = .5
lfinish = 10
call initialize(r,field,max)
set background color "white"
call setcanvas("white")
set color "black"
length = lstart
i = 1
call calculate(r,field,max,length)
if length = lstart then call display(r,field,max)
if length > lstart then call adddatagraph(r,field,4,0,"black")
i = i + 1
length = 3 * length
loop until length > lfinish
call exact(r,field)
get key z
! initialize variables
sub initialize(r(),field(),max)
input prompt "number of grid steps -> ": max
mat redim field(max),r(max)
end sub
sub calculate(r(),field(),max,length)
for i = 1 to max
call calculate_field(field(i),i/max,max,length)
r(i) = i/max
next i
end sub
sub calculate_field(by,x,max,length)
dz = 0.1
by = 0
for z = -length to length step dz
r = sqr(x^2 + z^2)
by = by + dz * x / r^3
next z
end sub
sub display(r(),field(),max)
call settitle("Magnetic field from a straight wire")
call sethlabel("R")
call setvlabel("B")
call datagraph(r,field,3,0,"black")
end sub
sub exact(r(),field())
max = 100
mat redim r(max),field(max)
for i = 1 to max
r(i) = i / max
field(i) = 2 / r(i)
next i
call adddatagraph(r,field,1,1,"black")
end sub

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