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Steven Mickelsen
07/10/02 11:54am

I have used mathematica for about a year and have expirience applying this technology to many aspects of my research. (enzyme kinetics and thermodynamics.) I have run into a problem recently related to importing data formats. I am now a medical student and I want to look at electrocardiographic tracing using mathematica and wavelet explorer. However, I can not seem to overcome the formatting boundery. I was hopping that somone might direct me to a tutorial or give me some advice on how to identify and translate data formats into notebook friendly files so I can play with them. I am confident that once the data set is translated into a list I can make progress. Right now all the digitalized signal I have attempted to download are in unreadable formats and I am lost. Thank you

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Data for waveform analysis Steven Micke... 07/10/02 11:54am
Re: Data for waveform analysis Henry Lamb 07/17/02 11:40pm
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