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Shawn Kelly
07/11/02 09:17am

In a MathGroup topic in Aug. 1999, the following question was posted without any response:

In the documentation to the "Export" function it says that

"Machine-precision numbers are by default written to six-digit precision".

If I try:

z = {{Pi, 2 Pi}, {10, 100.}} // N
{{3.14159, 6.28319}, {10., 100.}}

Export["z1.dat", z]

I get the file "z1.dat":

3.141592653589793 6.283185307179586
10. 100.

This is not 6-digit precision. Is there a way to specify the precision that the
"Export" function should use?

I was wondering if there was a way to reduce the precision of the data I export to a *.dat, *.nb, or *.csv file so that my data files won't be so huge (I have data files that are 6-60MB's in size!).

Thank You,


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Reduce Precision used by Export Shawn Kelly 07/11/02 09:17am
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