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07/11/02 2:07pm

Hi, well thanks all for helping me with the multiple exporting question, but not I have another problem. Now that I have a counter going, it's not really a counter, but a Timestamp for a project i'm working on.

"Counter" stands for julian day, which is interms of 365. Thus I'm trying to saved datasets that are around April 2, which is 155.

So my question now is, when Mathematica writes to the files, the first file that's saved is called dataset155.278.dat

BUT, the next iteration, it ALSO writes to the exact same file, because for some reason, counter is rounded to 155.278 instead of the full 155.27787781.....

Is this a SetPrecision problem? How do I fix it? Thanks! Here's my messy code, if you can understand it:

count = 1; countpre = 1; Do[
counter = data[[countpre, 17]];
Do[count = count + 10;
blah = TakeMatrix[data, {countpre, 1}, {count, 19}], {2}];
countpre = count;
Save["dataset" <> ToString[counter] <> ".dat", blah], {5}];

So I want dataset155.27787781.dat and NOT dataset155.278.dat

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Save / Filename problem David 07/11/02 2:07pm
Re: Save / Filename problem Henry Lamb 07/17/02 11:17pm
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