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07/18/13 07:52am

I have a problem with implicit function [Chi]NR. I don't know what to do with this problem, if somebody have an idea
this is the part of the program:
tripol[T_, xvar_,
vvar_] := -Gamma[5/2] PolyLog[5/2, -Exp[\[Chi][T, xvar, vvar]]]

jenpol[T_, xvar_,
vvar_] := -Gamma[3/2] PolyLog[3/2, -Exp[\[Chi][T, xvar, vvar]]]

petpol[T_, xvar_,
vvar_] := -Gamma[7/2] PolyLog[7/2, -Exp[\[Chi][T, xvar, vvar]]]

x1kroz2[T_, xvar_, vvar_] := InverseFunction[jenpol[T, xvar, vvar]]

\[Chi]NR[T_, xvar_, vvar_] :=
x1kroz2 [T, xvar, vvar] (2 \[Theta][T, xvar, vvar]^(-3/2)/3 )

\[Tau][T_] := (Subscript[k, b] T)/(Subscript[m, e] c^2) /. {Subscript[
m, e] -> ElectronMass, Subscript[k, b] -> BoltzmannConstant,
c -> SpeedOfLight}

q1[T_, xvar_, vvar_] := 3/2 (Exp[\[Theta][T, xvar, vvar]] - 1)^(-1)

q2[T_, xvar_, vvar_] := 12 + 8 \[Theta][T, xvar, vvar]^(-3/2)

q3[T_, xvar_, vvar_] :=
2/(\[Pi]^(1/3)) - (Exp[-\[Theta][T, xvar, vvar]] +
1.612 Exp[\[Theta][T, xvar,
vvar]])/(6.192 (\[Theta][T, xvar, vvar])^0.0944 Exp[-\[Theta][
T, xvar, vvar]] +
5.535 (\[Theta][T, xvar, vvar])^0.698 Exp[\[Theta][T, xvar,

\[Chi][T_, xvar_, vvar_] := \[Chi]NR[T, xvar, vvar] -
3/2 Log [1 + (\[Tau][
T]/(1 + \[Pi]/(2 \[Theta][T, xvar, vvar]))) (1 +
q1[T, xvar, vvar] Sqrt[\[Tau][T]] +
q2[T, xvar, vvar] q3[T, xvar, vvar] \[Tau][T])/(1 +
q2[T, xvar, vvar] \[Tau][T])]

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Problem with implicit formula Nika 07/18/13 07:52am
Re: Problem with implicit formula Bill Simpson 07/19/13 11:55pm
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