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07/19/02 2:04pm

Hi again,

I am just wondering how I can proceed with my research with Mathlink for
Excel. I used Excel to create a pairwise comparison tables (Table 1: X
(compared to all other countries) ... Table 2: Y (compared to all other
countries -X), etc.
Is there any shortcut in using Mathlink for Excel to achieve the below
mentioned aim?
Please advise.


> >This is a brief outline of my current research:
> >I had to calculate propensity values (on a pairwise comparison)of 13
different groups (lets denote them as X,Y,Z,etc.)Consequently, I came up
with 78 propensity values for country X.Knowing that there is a symmetry of
propensity values,i.e. (propensity of group X working together with group Y)
XY = YX - I calculated some 91 values in the following way:
> >
> >X (compared with all other groups):Y,Z,D,A,etc.
> >Y (compared with all other goups-X):Z,D,A,etc.
> >
> >What I now need to do is sorting them out according to their propensity
values,i.e. : If XY ,XZ,XD have a similar propensity value I would need an
algorithm that would check whether this is true for YZ,YD.

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