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Randy Silvers
07/23/02 5:25pm

I would like to be able to rotate the tick labels so that they are vertical. I have tried several graphics directives but cannot find the correct one.

For example:

Plot[x,{x,0,5},Ticks->{{{1,"8:00"}, {2,"9:00"}, {3,"10:00"}, {4,"11:00"}, {5,"12:00"}},Automatic}]

will show the tick marks spaced and labeled, but the labels, "8:00", "9:00", ... will be horizontal, thus crowding the x-axis. I would like to make the labels, "8:00", "9:00", ... vertical.

But, neither the "8:00" appears red, nor the "9:00" is rotated.

Plot[x,{x,0,5},Ticks->{{{1,"8:00",RGBColor[1,0,0]}, {2,"9:00",RotateLeft->True}, {3,"10:00"}, {4,"11:00"}, {5,"12:00"}},Automatic}]

The help browser states that the third argument of a tick specification can be a list of the lengths (as a fraction of the horizontal plot length) in the positive and negative directions, as {1, "8:00", {.1,.2}}. However, what is the positive and negative direction? It would seem that these are both along the same axis. Plus, this only adjust the tick mark, not the tick label. An earlier post from April 2000 listed two such plots, but these appear identical.

The help browser also allows for a length and style specification, but what are the permissible styles? And what length is this?

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ticks Randy Silvers 07/23/02 5:25pm
Re: ticks Henry Lamb 07/25/02 01:24am
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