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Ciaran Mulloy
08/09/02 06:26am

I'm having a problem with the notebook interface in X using KDE2 (The user interface in Linux.

On starting up Mathematica the mouse pointer turns into a hand. When the pointer is a hand, I cannot:
1) open or close a cell
2) highlight text
3) move the position of the curser via pointing and clicking
4) etc...

In fact, the only thing i can do when I have this hand pointer is scroll the text up and down and click on menu items. The only way I know how to temporarily fix the problem is to restart the X server. Of course, regardless of what I'm doing in Mathematica and after some random amount of time, the hand pointer reappears. Is this a known problem? Is there a known fix or work-around?

I'm using Mathematica 4.2 on SUSE 7.3 Linux with KDE2 desktop and xfree86 4.1 (SVGA ATI 128).

I have checked out the posts on the support site and have a previous post which promised to address my issue doesn't go anywhere.

Ciaran Mulloy

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