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Filippo Sola
09/05/02 6:34pm

I'm tryin' to get solutions from a system of 2 eqs involving Bessel functions (BesselJ/Y/K), related to the electromagnetic field in a coaxial fiber;
Something like (but much more complex!):

[2 k BesselK[0, b p3]*BesselY[1,b kc2](alfa+j beta)^2 + 4f^2[Pi]^2 [Mu]^2] / (BesselK[0, b p3]^2)

I use FindRoot but it can't find steady solutions (my variables are alfa and beta of "alfa+j*beta"). It always finds solutions but always different!

I know it's a difficult question, but I just need some suggestion to simplify the problem...

Thank you for the help

Filippo Sola

PS: In the attachment the 1st cell prepares the 2 equations, then there's my FindRoot and then two simplier versions of the 2 eqs (anyway without solution!)

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