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09/12/02 04:58am

i'm haveing a lot of trouble figuring out a way to
define a function, f(n,h), made from a nested sum,
the sum should look like the attatched gif...
(it was too hard to type in as ascii....)

the e_j 's are known functions of the positive integers... (either as actual fns or as a mapping to a list of values...)

this should yield a sum of linears plus bilinears, plus trilinears ... up to n-linears of e_j's.

I hope the attatchment works...
many thanks in anticipation of any help,


Attachment: eqn_gr_10.gif, URL: ,

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Nested Sum simon 09/12/02 04:58am
Re: Nested Sum Simon 09/14/02 9:26pm
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