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09/16/02 12:05pm

ToAdjacencyMatrix operates on graphs. I am
not sure it is appropriate for your application.
You would need to look further into the package
to see if you could get your data into a graph
form tjat ToAdjacencyMatrix would work with.

I am not familiar with the type of problem you
state, it may be that other readers are equally
in the dark my guess from the data that you present

1 A
1 B
2 B
3 C


1 A
1 B

would generate a 1 and the others would generate
a 0 (or vice versa) but it is not clear (at least
to me) where in an mxm matrix these value would
appear. Perhaps, if you could provide a more
complete description of method for creating the
matrix, readers not familiar with the branch of
mathematics you are working but who are familiar
with Mathematica, could get a handle on the issues.

There also may be texts that consider your area
of study that are written with Mathematica in
mind. Some of these are available at

URL: ,

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